About the Program

This program seeks to encourage professionals involved with wetland delineations to become certified in order to improve the reputability of their work and enhance consumer confidence. The program provides stability to the local implementation of the Wetland Conservation Act and other wetland regulations by formally recognizing individuals uniquely qualified to perform wetland delineations.

Each year a number of testing and training sessions are held throughout the state of Minnesota. The Basic 5-day training course offers the fundamentals of wetland delineation and is offered at least twice each summer. The other courses vary from year to year.

These courses are offered to those looking to become certified as well as anyone else interested in wetlands! If you are a certified delineator these classes also count for Continuing Education Hours!

Why Become Certified?

  • Certification signifies that you are familiar with the basic concepts and resources for conducting wetland delineations in Minnesota.  
  • It also helps employers by indicating that an individual has had training and retained valuable information from that training. 
  • The continuing education requirement tells employers that certified individuals have kept current with concepts and techniques associate with delineation.
  • For Local Government Units (LGU's) implementing the MN Wetland Conservation Act (WCA), certification provides some evidence that they meet the "trained and knowledgeable staff" requirement for implementing WCA.
  • It provides a good "selling point" when seeking employment in the field of evaluating or performing delineations.  In some offices it is considered a condition of employment to become or remain certified.
  • The practice of wetland delineation is recognized as a distinct skill with economic value in the marketplace.
  • Consumers will be protected by knowing that wetland delineations will be conducted and reviewed by qualified persons operating under a code of ethics.
  • The environment will be better served in that jurisdictional boundaries of wetland may be more precisely delineated.

Who is Eligible to Take the Exam?

All persons who have successfully completed a wetland delineation training course, or have had broad coursework or have a four-year degree and have had at least three years experience working with wetland delineations. For more information about whether you qualify for a Professional Certificate or an In-Training Certificate see Certification Process. Anyone who is interested in learning about wetland delineation is eligible to take any training course.

Plan to Certify Wetland Delineators

About the Program