Certified Wetland Delineators

This list is current as of NOVEMBER 8, 2016. This list includes most of the people who have met the requirements of a certified wetland delineator as established by the Board of Water and Soil Resources. Some certified delineators have chosen not to have their name listed. Requests to verify a certified delineator who is not listed below, or requests to edit this list, should be made to the WDCP at wdcp@umn.edu or (612) 625-8206.

Conditions of employment prevent many certified delineators from accepting offers to work on a project or contract basis. This list is not intended for solicitation. Please use the list for the following reasons only: 1. As an employer or contractor determining ones certification status, 2. As a citizen looking for a certified delineator in or near their area to contract work or ask questions. Please do not add these names/addresses/emails to any solicitation lists without the individuals approval.

Delineator List: Professional and In-Training (.pdf)